Six Affordable Ways To Boost Your Home Style in 2018

A new year is the best time to give your home and your interior style a little boost and really start fresh! Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to gather a crew of 20 workers to tear your whole place down and start from scratch. Simple and affordable ways to lift your home’s style will do more for your house than you can even imagine! Here are our best picks for 2018.

Affordable Interior Style Tips

Light it up

It’s such a shame so many people neglect lighting when decorating their homes, especially since a badly lit room can look much smaller, darker and crowded. On the other hand, if you add some good lighting, your space will instantly come to life and look more welcoming and airy. If you don’t want to mess with your overhead lighting, you can simply add some floor lamps to a room and place them in your darkest corners to brighten things up. To add layers, install some table lamps for side tables and you’ll end up with a well-lit and stylish space.

Freshen up your walls

Affordable Interior Style Tips

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Another super effective and affordable way to freshen up your interior is to use bright colours. If you’re keen to try out a contemporary style, paint one wall with a bold colour like canary yellow or a tad tamer mint green. These colours will create a youthful and modern look and definitely make the space look more interesting. However, if putting anything this bold and permanent on your walls gives you the chills, you can opt for removable wallpaper. They come in all patterns and graphics imaginable and they really look stylish. A bonus when using wallpaper is the fact it can be removed without any damage to the wall underneath and some can even be reused.

Add nature
Affordable Interior Style Tips

Photo by Geneva Vanderzeil from A Pair and A Spare.

If you want to uplift your home’s design, especially if your goal is to freshen it up a bit, invest in a few indoor plants. They will not only add beautiful colours and shapes to your space, but they’re also great for cleaning and purifying the air and improving the atmosphere in your home.

Turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa

Affordable Interior Style Tips

Photo and DIY by Laura Gummerman of A Beautiful Mess

Start by giving your bathroom a thorough scrub. Once everything is sparkling clean, you can start redecorating your space. Your safest bet is to concentrate on your tub and make it a focal point of your bathroom. Today, modern bathtubs are probably the most important and stylish part of any bathroom, especially freestanding models, so make them stand out. One thing that perfectly complements attractive bathtubs is vessel sinks. This is a trend that’s been going strong for years, but in 2018 it will really make a boom. Hand-carved stone sinks add a beautiful organic touch to the space and can make any bathroom look more modern and interesting. Be warned, however, they don’t come very cheap but if a permanent improvement is something you’re going for, it’s really worth the splurge.

Make a home gallery

Affordable Interior Style Tips

Photo by Kate Lavie.

If you want to lift up your home design quickly, it’s best if you opt for art. For instance, contemporary art will look amazing juxtaposed with any traditional interior design, as well as with some more modern spaces, so don’t be scared to go all-in and shock everyone that comes into your home. Choose artwork with colours that go well with your existing colour palette, and you’ll have a winner.

Pay attention to your outdoor space

Affordable Home Style Tips

Photo and design by Herrod Landscapes via Inside Out. 

Landscaping is often so underrated that most of the people don’t even consider it as a way to improve their home design. However, once you see what a difference a few trees, raised garden beds and flowering shrubs can make, you’ll run to your local plant store. If you’re a plant newbie, check with your local plant store’s staff, listen to their advise and you’ll end up with a beautiful and low-maintenance landscaping that will instantly improve your overall home look.

There are lots of ways you can improve your home’s look without messy overhauls or expensive additions. Once you’re ready to tackle uplifting your living space, take a look at this list and feel free to steal some ideas. Good luck!


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