How To Better Brand Your Small Business + Free Ebook

We all want to know the best possible way to make our small businesses stand out in a saturated market, but there seems to be so much information to take on board!

I know how it feels to be forever reading and ‘pinning’ articles about the best business building tools, the best lessons and the quickest ways to grow a booming empire. Just because I’m a graphic designer doesn’t mean I haven’t also been in your shoes when it comes to starting out in business branding. I too felt overwhelmed and confused about how to build my business in a way that I would attract my ideal clients and how to effectively brand my new business to reflect exactly what I do.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t all have to be overwhelming (especially in those early stages when you’re get your head around what the hell it is that you’re supposed to be doing!)

With this in mind I created an ebook called Understanding Branding: the basics for small business which covers the simplest of ways to bring your focus back to what it truly means to brand your business and WHY you need to perfect your business branding to make your small biz or startup stand out!

It’s totally free, you can grab your copy right here.

Branding ebook

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I hope you find this tool simple and effective! Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions or would like to work with me on your own branding email me and we can chat!

Ellie xx

Ellie is a freelance graphic designer, business and lifestyle blogger, health and wellness enthusiast and the founder of The Darling Design Co.

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