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I’ve been on a fitness challenge for about 3 weeks now and I am LOVING it. The only thing I’m not loving is my lack of preparation when it comes to cooking healthy meals for dinner. I think this is the trap a lot of people fall in to when they’re trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle and often they fall into the habit of resorting to quick and easy takeaway meals or junk food when the overwhelm of prepping good food sets in.

I know I’m not alone when I say trying to think up healthy meals every night for dinner is TOUGH!

I decided to try and keep things super simple and work on getting my meal prepping in order. I’ve put together a super simple FREE weekly meal planner printable that I can take to the shops and stick on my fridge so I know exactly what I’ve got planned for dinner each week!

I’m really going to try hard to pre-plan our nightly meals on a Sunday or Monday so the stress of coming up with nightly meals is non existent. This way, I think we’ll also save money in the long run as there will be no unnecessary late night runs to the supermarket to pick up ingredients for dinner! #winning

You can download the free printable and use it in your house too! Grab your copy right here:

Meal Planner Printable

Let me know if it helps you get organised!  If you have any other great meal-prepping tips or tricks be sure to share them with me and TDDC readers in a comment below! I hope you find this printable useful! x

Ellie is a freelance graphic designer, business and lifestyle blogger, health and wellness enthusiast and the founder of The Darling Design Co.

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