Staying Organised These Holidays + Free Daily Planner Printable

Hands up if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed in the lead up to the festive season?! Girl, you are NOT alone! I think at some point or another every year around December we all go a little bit crazy with either overwhelm or stress in our personal lives and in our businesses.

I know just this past weekend while I was away with Travis for our 6-year anniversary I had a mini melt down in the hotel about work and finances and all that fun stuff. But hey, we’re only human,  and I know this phase of festive craziness will pass!

Taking each day as it comes…

Typically at this time of year we see businesses looking to the new year. We all start to plan for ‘what’s next’ and try to figure out how to go bigger and better in the new year. In this blog post I shared earlier in the year I planned to be organised AF in 2017. To some degree that worked, but I did fall short in some areas (I’m still working on that!)

Before this year is over I am getting myself organised in different ways. I’m not jumping straight into my goals for 2018 just yet (that post will come soon, promise), but I am trying to take the last few weeks of 2017 one at a time, with a bit of ease if possible.

When I get freaked out about the mountain of work I need to do, or all of the jobs I have to tackle I do one thing: make a list. Yep, I’m a list maker which I find helps me with getting myself sorted daily. I thought you gals might appreciate a little end of year freebie to help you get yourself sorted too! I’ve put together a super simple ‘Daily Planner’ download for you to start using today. You can use it to jot down your thoughts, end of year jobs, shopping list, wish list… whatever! I hope it helps you feel a little more in control at what’s typically a hectic time of year.

Grab your freebie by clicking on the image below!

Ellie xx

Daily Planner Printable


Ellie is a freelance graphic designer, business and lifestyle blogger, health and wellness enthusiast and the founder of The Darling Design Co.

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