6 Free iPhone Wallpapers For The Boss Babe

Does your iPhone or iPad need a little sprucing up? Here’s a round up of my favourite FREE wallpapers for the ultimate boss babe so your tech can look as fancy Nancy as you!

Free Iphone Wallpapers1. Get it Girl, by Ban.do
I love this site for awesome free wallpapers. This is definitely one of my favourites they’ve designed an of course it’s in that signature pink colour!

2. Fearless, by Kemy Studio
If you love marble and girlboss quotes be sure to check this awesome post out here.

3. Wake, Pray, Slay, by Essie Does Summer
I just LOVE this quote! Another fab designer sharing great freebies.

4. Wild, Barefoot, Free, by Lorna Jane
My favourite brand for workout wear is also one of my favourite sites for motivation and inspiring freebies. Inspiration is Lorna Jane’s thing!

5. She Believed, by Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth
Another of my all-time favourite quotes in bright and cheery colours, yes please!

6. Bloom Where You Are Planted, by me (The Darling Design Co)
A little freebie I whipped up with my one of my favourite quotes that always resonates with me especially because I am a big believer in succeeding in your goals, business or life in general from anywhere in the world!

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Ellie is a freelance graphic designer, business and lifestyle blogger, health and wellness enthusiast and the founder of The Darling Design Co.

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