My Favourite Sites For Buying Art Prints

I’m a lover of all things art in the home however I’m sure some of you will agree that often real, original art can be quite costly. Don’t get me wrong, I adore original artworks, in fact one of my favourite pieces in our home is an original painting by incredible Aussie artist Kyah Wilson, however I simply can’t afford to buy originals all the time, hence why art prints are my go-to.

There are SO many options for buying well-made, contemporary and on-trend prints online so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you from tried and tested online stores who I have purchased from first hand.


sites for art prints


I’ve raved about this incredible artist, blogger and business woman before on my post about girl boss influencers here, because this chick makes cool stuff! Jasmine Dowling is an Aussie gal who not only creates original art prints from her rad hand lettering skills, she also sells photographic prints that she has taken and edited herself. I love her style; it’s feminine and sassy and her prints often feature lots of pretty pinks (my fave). You’re onto a winner if you purchase a print from Jasmine’s online store. The print quality is bananas, plus the packaging is pretty too.

sites for art prints

sites for art prints

Photos by Jasmine Dowling.

Olive et Oriel

Olive et Oriel is the bees knees when it comes to a HUGE range of photographic prints, quotes and printables. I’ve purchased an A3-sized print which hangs over our bed from this online store and I couldn’t be happier with the quality. These guys are super affordable with some A4 prints as low as $12.95 (AUD). I love how the store has segmented their prints into categories like ‘for him’ or ‘for her’ or how they’ve paired up some of their prints that work perfectly as a combo making styling your home even easier! Another great addition to the store is the fact they also sell oak timber frames.

Site For Art Prints

Photo by Olive Et Oriel.

Site For Art Prints

Photo by Three Birds Renovations featuring an Olive et Oriel print.

Yorkelee Prints

Yorkelee Prints have that feminine, moody-yet-modern style down pat when it comes to their prints and I really love them! You’ll notice most of their prints are quite scandi or Nordic-inspired and often feature blacks, greys and a hint of pink (so on-trend right now). Two of my all-time favourite prints to feature in my home office are from this store! You’ve most likely spied more than one of Yorkelee’s prints in some of the most stylish of bloggers’ homes or all across instagram including a regular feature in the incredibly on-trend home of Miss Kyree Loves (Kyree Harvey).

Site for Art Prints

Photo by Miss Kyree Loves.

Site for Art Prints

Frame it

I have a thing for all white frames. I do have a tiny mix of silver or oak frames in my house but my go-to is white. My favourite place to buy affordable white frames from is French Knot Designs. You can also buy in bulk and save, great if you’re planning to do a gallery wall in your home! They have sizes up to AO which are often hard to find at a decent price point. Another of my favourite stores, (a little more on the pricey end of the bracket) is Freedom¬†and I adore the frames at Country Road, particularly their silver range for a touch of femininity.

Ellie xx


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