Every Day Grateful: A Project Update

A month ago I posted about learning how to ‘slow down’ and adapt the art of slow living in an attempt to appreciate more of the small, everyday things that we often take for granted. I said I was going to be documenting the things throughout my days and weeks that I was feeling grateful for so I thought it was time to check in and give you an update on my progress!

Every day grateful project


As I mentioned in my original post, I have been using the Day One app to document my gratitude journal which has been so handy! The app allows you to take pictures, write journals and will also record dates, time, location and even the weather on the days when you post and I think that feature is so cool! Of course if you’re wanting to do your own version of this project you don’t need this app, this is just one I enjoy using.

Every Day Grateful

When I first started this project I was finding I was photographing and posting about the same types of things that I find I’m grateful for quite regularly. For example, Travis was the subject of my first picture post because I am grateful for him nearly every day. That may sound really corny or a bit mushy but I really do feel lucky to have him a part of my life. I think it can be easy and quite common to pick our partners or our family members as our daily ‘grateful’ subjects because they’re really prominent in our day-to-day lives and often they’re the things right in front of us, but I feel this project could be about something a little bit more.

The whole idea of this project is to learn to look at little deeper into what makes us happy. Sometimes the more insignificant things can make a huge difference in our daily lives without us even acknowledging them or even taking notice, and this is what I plan to focus on in the coming weeks and months. This doesn’t mean Travis or my family wont feature in my gratitude project anymore, it just means I am going to attempt to document more of those obscure ‘little’ things that I probably would usually overlook that actually might bring me a lot of joy.


After the first two weeks of the project I was already feeling more content and appreciative. I found that just by acknowledging certain things throughout my day made me more aware of other great things throughout the day. Some days I managed to document more than one or two objects, places or people that made me happy and it felt really good!

I started off on this project strong and was confident I would post a picture and a brief journal daily. Unfortunately my daily posts have dropped off over the past couple of weeks as life has gotten busy and sometimes overwhelming, so I’m determined to get back into the daily post!

Every day grateful


I’m a firm believer that if you are putting positive energy and positive vibes out into the world you’ll receive positive energy back too. Through this project I think just by appreciating and acknowledging the little things it has made me unintentionally manifest more good things to come into my life. As woo-woo as that may sound, I think this project has truly helped my daily outlook to become more positive because I am seeking out good things each day rather than focusing on the negatives throughout my day. Good things come to those who seek them!

So, where to from here?¬†Well, I am ABSOLUTELY going to continue this project and continue sharing it with you via the blog and my social media pages. If you’d like to join me (I’d love to see what you’re grateful for each day) tag me @darlingdesignco! I’ll also be using the hashtag #everydaygrateful so you can get some more gratitude inspo over there.

Ellie xx

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