Embracing Indoor Plants

I love a good fiddle leaf fig or succulent in the home. There’s nothing better than brightening up a room by filling it with greenery! Of course, not all of us are green thumbs, believe me when I say I have had more than my fair share of deaths when it comes to indoor plants (RIP little guys). But never fear, there’s a plant out there to suit any skill level, and thankfully some of them thrive off little-to-no water (#droughtproof). Here’s how I’ve embraced plants in the home and a few tips I’ve learned along the way…

Embracing Indoor Plants

Going Green

I was super afraid of buying my first fiddle leaf fig because all of the internet (Pinterest) had been telling me how hard they were to keep alive. Not to toot my own horn, but I haven’t had any issues with my fiddle leaf and I’ve had it now for about a year. I’m not sure if it’s the positioning in my home or the fact it’s just a born survivor but my fiddle leaf seems to be thriving in our place, and thank goodness. It’s positioned on a bench in the entrance to our house which gets some nice, filtered sunlight through the front door. I think it’s probably the perfect amount of light – it isn’t too hot or in direct harsh sun.

I love the look of the fiddle leaf and it has to be one of the most popular indoor plants right now (next to the Monstera). I purchased mine from Bunnings for less than $30! It’s grown substantially since then and at its current size I’ve seen other fiddle leaf plants retailing for nearly $100 in plant stores. My best advice for the fiddle leaf is not to over water. Apparently they only like to be watered when their soil is completely dry – which suits me fine because I hate a plant that needs constant watering. I take mine outside to water about once every week (or two weeks if it’s looking okay) and let it drain on the front porch. Mine is also in need of cleaning. You can wipe the leaves of a fiddle leaf with a soft cloth because they’re prone to collecting dust!


Indoor Plants


Another plant that appears to be really popular and one I’ve never had any troubles growing is the ‘snake plant’ also known as ‘mother in law’s tongue’ . I’ve had a small version of this plant in my house for a couple of years and I hardly remember to water it and it always looks great! I’ve got it planted in a small pot and due to this is hasn’t grown huge, but I like that it’s small and manageable. I’ve seen these plants in large pots and they look amazing in any area of the home! I’m looking to invest in a large gorgeous pot from Design Twins (like the one below) to pop one of these guys in our bathroom when the renovation is finished!


Embracing indoor plants

[Photo by Design Twins.]


Succulents for the win

Obvs if you’re not one to remember to feed your plants succulents are going to be your go-to choice for indoor (or outdoor) greenery. I love succulents because we currently live in a region that resembles desert-like conditions and our climate is dry and hot with little-to-no rainfall. You can *almost* never kill a succulent (I say almost because even these guys will eventual die with absolutely no water what so ever), they are hardy and can live in tiny pots and jars inside. I have a few succulent plants in and around our house and I love clustering terracotta pots together mixing and matching different varieties of succulents.


[Photographer Annie Spratt]

There are so many different ways you can get creative with succulents and low-maintenance plants in and around the home – they’re often so tiny they will grown and fit into anything like small jars, mini pots and terrarium domes.


Where to find inspiration

Pinterest is amazing for how-tos and DIY plant growing guides and is often the biggest source of inspiration for me when it comes to home styling and indoor plant inspiration. For even more awesome information on indoor plants I found this great guide (via Pinterest) by blogger K is for Kani, and you can read all about it here.


Indoor house Plants guide

[Photographer Rowena Cao & Connie Cao]

For even more ah-mazing tips and tricks on styling with plants with a side of incredible Bohemian flair, head to my favourite instagram account @thejungalow by Justine Blakeney, or directly to the website The Jungalow. You will not be sorry.


The jungalow

[Photo sourced from Domino. Photographer Selamat Designs.]


If you’re more into reading your content the original way, the folks at home-styling magazine Adore Home have released a magazine dedicated to all things plants and greenery called Planted Magazine. This mag is the holy grail for us wannabe green thumbs and I always find myself drooling over their instagram feed. Head over here to grab yourself a copy of the latest issue.


Planted Magazine

[Photo sourced from Adore.]

Fake it till you make it

If keeping something other than yourself alive just seems too far out of reach, then never fear – fake plants are also in huge demand right now and available everywhere! In my office I have two fake plants that look amazing all year round and all I have to do is dust them from time to time and they look schmick!


Home Office


In my office I have a fake fiddle leaf fig, such a bargain from Adairs online. It cost me about $79.95 (+ some postage) which I think is super cheap because I’ve seen many a fake fiddle leaf being sold for well over $100. The quality is fab and it sits perfectly in my vintage pot plant stand. The second of my artificial plants in the office is the hanging greenery from Freedom. The quality of this guy is also great! The leaves even have that fake fur-like feel and I just popped it into a brass planter and draped it over the shelf and it looks a million bucks. Freedom is great for fake plants (although often they can creep up in price so be careful and do your research!)

There’s no shame is adopting fake plants throughout your home. I always look for quality though, because there’s nothing worse than a really bad looking fake plant. My favourite store to visit for fake plants and flowers is Jumbled in Orange. AH-mazing arrangement of artificial plants. I often get overwhelmed and leave with only one or two plants or bunches of flowers when I really could buy them all! The store is also online here.


Embracing Indoor Plants

[Styling in store at Jumbled, Orange.]

My fail-proof tips

This will sound like a no-brainer but you can’t forget to water your greenery at least every fortnight. When it rains I also LOVE to round up my pot plants and stick them outside to soak in the natural goodness. Plants will always, always do better on rain water than tap water. Unfortunately for me, we live in a place where rainfall is scarce, so you can imagine how crazy I look when I race around the house collecting the plants when I hear a hint of rain on the roof!

If you’re like me and have pots throughout your home that don’t have pot holders for water drainage try this tip for watering. I like to take my plants into the laundry and run the laundry tap over them for a few minutes an let them drain in the tub before popping them back in their place to avoid water stains on furniture or carpets.

For succulents or low-maintenance plants I rarely remember to water these guys and sometimes they’ve done better for it! Don’t go overboard watering these types of ‘desert-like’ plants because they are prone to rotting with too much water!

If you’re noticing your indoor plants aren’t doing so well in their chosen spot, try changing it up before throwing in the towel! Some plants do better in different areas of the home due to lighting and heat. Don’t be afraid to re-jig your greenery if they’re not loving their current home.

Happy green-thumbing!

Ellie xx

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