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A day in the life blog series

I’m SO excited to have another edition of my A Day In The Life blog series to share with you all! It truly interests and excites me to be able to learn more about the amazing women out there running solo businesses and kicking ass at it!

This week, my featured guest is entrepreneur Lindsey Allen, founder of the entrepreneurial apparel brand Fearlessly Authentic Living. Her story is so honest and real + she shares some gems of knowledge for the up and coming biz owners out there. Thanks for being here Lindsey! x


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Hey there Darling Design Co readers!

My name is Lindsey Allen and I’m the founder of Fearlessly Authentic Living, a graphic apparel brand for the entrepreneurs. Through Fearlessly Authentic Living, I hope to inspire a movement in which we all live authentic lives and pursue passions that invigorate our souls.

The business

When I started the brand in November of 2015, I wanted to create clothing for all types of women that were looking for a little boost in the authenticity department. However, I quickly learned that there’s no way to make all types of women happy. There was no way for me to connect to, create for, and inspire all types of women.

Getting over trying to please everyone was an incredibly hard lesson to learn, especially as a new business owner, but most definitely a necessary one!

With that said, in the last few months as I’ve been fully engrossed in the apparel industry, I realized that there isn’t a one stop apparel shop for the female entrepreneur that’s looking to infuse her daily life with authenticity and honesty.

There’s plenty of apparel shops for yogis, new mamas, and green juice drinking gals, but isn’t one for the female entrepreneurs.

So very recently, as in one week ago (!), I shifted the focus of my business. Now I’m not focusing on ways to serve all types of women – I’m solely focusing on ways to serve the female entrepreneur – and that is so liberating!

Speaking business owner to business owner, this decision was not an easy one. For about a month I knew that this was the right thing to do for the business going forward, however I couldn’t help but feel like I was leaving part of my audience behind. What about all the rockin’ women in my tribe that aren’t entrepreneurs? Would they feel like I had abandoned them? I was totally beating myself up over this!

I ended up writing a heartfelt newsletter to my tribe explaining the changes and giving them a few suggestions for where else they could find authentic content online and they loved it! They fully supported my decision, as they could already notice that’s where my creative energy was going.

An average day looks like…

No matter where I’m at in the world (as I’m doing quite a bit of traveling now), I always start my days with a cup of peppermint tea and my Desire Map Planner. Since my life has been so hectic lately, it’s been really comforting to maintain this morning practice.

Once I’ve downed my cup of tea and finished setting intentions for the day, I do a bit of journaling about whatever happens to be on my mind – personal thoughts, business questions, tasks for the day ahead, etc. – I try to get it all out so I can start my day with a fresh mind and a blank slate.

After I’ve been up for an hour or so and have finished my morning routine I finally hop on email and get started with my day.

Giving myself a technology free hour in the morning has been so powerful and I can’t recommend it enough to other business owners.

When I start my mornings technology free, I feel like I have control over my day versus starting my day off worried about social media strategy or trying to put out an urgent request from the screen printer.

Since I design the apparel in collections, it brings a bit of a seasonal aspect to my work schedule. I’m currently planning our summer collection and so aside from emails I’m playing with designs in Illustrator, testing out clothing samples, dreaming up product shoots, and organizing launch logistics. Now I’m in the planning season, although very quickly I’ll be in the executing season.

Connecting with the Fearlessly Authentic Living  tribe…

Although I mainly connect with our customers and tribe members online and through social media, I’m looking to change that up come August/September by introducing some workshops and meet-ups to Fearlessly Authentic Living. I’ve dreamed of doing beautiful events for years, so it feels so good that I’m finally going to bring that vision to life!

If you happen to be in the California area around this time, I would love to have you join!

What would I say to someone just starting out on this journey…

To borrow a few words from business/life coach Jess Lively, I would tell someone that’s just starting out on this journey to trust in their abilities to be magnificent and to stay true to you throughout the process.

It’s all too often that we witness entrepreneurs and small business owners veer off course and get swept up in what everyone else is doing, and it is such a shame!

Remember that you pursued this entrepreneurial journey because you believed you could bring something different to the table – never forget that. Our world needs what only you are qualified to bring to it.


If you have any questions about starting a business, managing a product based business, or even more specifically the graphic apparel industry, I’d be happy to chat with you! Entrepreneurs and small business owners always think that they have to “forge their own path” and “do it on their own”, but that’s not the truth! I think we would all be much better off if we collaborated and connected with each other.

Thank you again Ellie for inviting me to write to your passionate audience, and thank YOU, readers, for sharing your time with me!

You can connect with entrepreneur Lindsey and purchase some of the Fearlessly Authentic Living apparel here:

Facebook, Instagram, Website

Ellie is a freelance graphic designer, business and lifestyle blogger, health and wellness enthusiast and the founder of The Darling Design Co.

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