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One of my passions in business is learning about other business women and how their businesses began. This has led me to launch my new blog series,  “A Day In The Life”. Through this series I’ll be featuring  some pretty awesome stories written by fellow girlbosses from all across the globe!

Each featured business woman will share her story of how she started her business and show a little glimpse into her day-to-day life. My hope is that you learn a little about how other business women approach the juggle of work and home life and you may just implement some of these lessons in to your own business. Enjoy! x

A day in the life blog series


Our first guest is the gorgeous fashion and lifestyle blogger Kathryn of Jassamine Elaine hailing from rural Mississippi USA.

A Day In The Life: Kathryn Elaine, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Fashion & Lifestyle blogger

Hello readers of The Darling Design Co!

I’m Kathryn, a full-time fashion and lifestyle blogger at Jassamine Elaine. If you would have told me a few years ago that at the age of 22 I’d be living in rural Mississippi running a fashion blog from home, I would have said you are crazy! Isn’t it funny the way life works out?

Mid-way through college I met a very charming (and at times totally ridiculous!) man who would become my husband. His name is Michael and he’s an officer in the Navy. When Michael asked me to marry him during my senior year of college, I knew I was about to embark on a crazy adventure (AKA we would move a lot!). It was at this time I launched my blog, Jassamine Elaine. As a Political Science major who laboriously studied two languages in college, it felt a little nuts to not pursue a career in the political science realm. I started my blog as a creative outlet, but I also knew that blogging could be a serious business if I put in the hours and hard work.

Blogging has become a little oasis I can take with me wherever the Navy sends us. The scenery around us may change, but the familiarity of my website and WordPress dashboard does not. We are now in the glorious state of Mississippi, USA. There’s a cattle plant down the street and not much of a downtown scene but I have access to Vogue and wifi so all is well! The decision to make blogging my full-time job was so exhilarating! However I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little scary, too.


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What do bloggers do, exactly? The answer is everything! I’m about to share with you the super glamorous life of a blogger (hint, this is sarcasm).


Wake up. At this state I am half zombie and my husband knows not to have any important conversations with me until caffeine. I then stumble downstairs until I find the coffee maker and brew the sweet nectar known as coffee. Mornings involve checking emails, blog traffic stats, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…

I then use my Day Designer planner to create an outline for my day and list any immediate to-dos. The main social media platform I use is Instagram and I find that if I don’t plan my posts I’ll completely blank and I don’t post anything! It’s surprisingly tricky to post photos that are consistent and within a certain color scheme/feel.

I use the mornings to respond to emails, engage with followers on social media, chat with fellow bloggers in my favorite Facebook groups, and visit and comment on other blogs. There are so many amazing Facebook groups designated for creative entrepreneurs!

On days that I have something to post on my blog, I try to publish it in the morning so I have the rest of the day to promote it on social media. Generally, each post requires 2 days of prep work.


The afternoons are the real powerhouse of my day. Each day can vary but generally I’ll  draft new blog posts, raid my closet for outfit post inspiration, edit photos, and plan future content. I like to have at least a week of content planned out and ready to publish.

The best days are when Michael and I shoot new material! For outfit posts we’ll travel to our little downtown. For recipe posts we battle with lighting and our novice photography skills until we make the food dish look appealing and edible.


Evenings are a time of learning. I love to cook and we rarely eat out so most nights I’m concocting something in the kitchen while listening to a podcast. For all you soloprenuers out there, you have to check out the Being Boss and #GIRLBOSS Radio podcasts.  I’ll use this time to look up tutorials. Of what you may ask? The list is endless! How to utilize my DSLR, Lightroom techniques, how to block Russian spam bots, how to do a fishtail braid…

In the grand scheme of the blogosphere, my blog is still relatively small. I’m sure most individuals who decide to make their side-hustle a full time gig feel a little overwhelmed. There’s just so much to learn! As a blogger you’re also the primary trouble shooter when you have a tech glitch. You’re in charge of editing photos and figuring out what the heck SEO is. There are highs and lows, but at the end of the day you are the creator of a magical, delightful, and enchanting place known as your blog.

You can follow Kathryn and all the happenings of her life and blog by following the links here:

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

Ellie is a freelance graphic designer, business and lifestyle blogger, health and wellness enthusiast and the founder of The Darling Design Co.

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