3 Ways to Replenish Your Skin Post-Holidays

You came, you saw…drank champagne, ate Christmas pudding, got sunburnt and stayed up past midnight. And probably enjoyed every minute! It was a fabulous holiday, but your skin took a hit and the year’s already in full swing. How will you help it recover with everything else on your already packed to-do list?

Easy! Assuming you’re already drinking plenty of filtered water, catching up on sleep and getting back into your fitness routine, here are 3 additional ways to replenish your skin post-holidays…

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Drink Your Greens

Every true beauty maven knows skin care starts on the inside, with your gut and cells. Pamper your inner lining and you’ll have a healthy outer layer. So, let’s address the champagne and pudding first.

All that alcohol and sugar is acidic and inflammatory, it wreaks havoc on your skin! Hence, your priority now is to eat heaps of alkaline-forming foods. But, that can be hard if you’re already hustling in this bright new year. Luckily, sourcing a green powder is a convenient way to get plenty of phytonutrients, trace minerals and antioxidants back into your bod quickly and boost your skin results.

Look for one with blue-green algae because it’s rich in absorbable omega-3, a powerful anti-inflammatory. It’ll help you wave buh-bye to puffy skin and redness. Other ingredients to look for are whole food powders from the fruit and vegetable rainbow, like wheat grass, parsley, pomegranate, papaya, pineapple, blueberry, etc. This’ll help mop up free-radicals from processed foods, alcohol and UV exposure, plus activate your digestion, helping you flush toxins.

The result? Glowing, healthier looking skin, plus increased overall wellbeing. I swear by this green powder I’m drinking every day as part of my 30 Days to a New You program, and my skin is looking brighter and clearer already.

Ramp Up Your Skin Care Routine

You may’ve gotten by with a basic routine in 2017, but if you want to replenish your post-holiday skin and see results quickly, try adding a couple more anti-aging products to your arsenal.

Toners and serums rich in anti-aging botanicals, peptides and antioxidants make a world of difference to how your creams are absorbed, so never underestimate their value to your skin. Key ingredients to look for are stabilised vitamin C, sea buckthorn oil and brown algae.

skin care tips

Look for pure brands that don’t add the following nasties to their formulations:

  • Animal ingredients
  • Toxic preservatives, like parabens
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Petroleum-based oils

You want pure, unadulterated luxury on your skin, so the active ingredients can do their job. The key here, though, is to be consistent. So, if it’s not in your budget to add more products to your regime, at least do your basic daily routine religiously:

  1. Cleanse twice daily with cleanser and a face cloth
  2. Apply your creams morning and night without fail

Mask It Up, Baby!

Yep, the good ‘ol Sunday face mask should take a spotlight here because of how effective it can be at replenishing your skin quickly, if you choose the right one. If you’re feeling extra clogged and dull after the holidays, you can’t go wrong with this detoxifying French pink clay mask. It works like magic by refining your pores and pulling out oil and dirt. You can even see your pores once it dries, so cool!

Key ingredients of rosemary oil, turmeric and ginger root extract also help to hydrate and brighten your skin. Not to mention, you’ll love the cooling, calming sensation even after you’ve washed it off.

skin care tips

Again, you’ll get the best, quickest results if you’re consistent with your daily routine, plus add the weekly mask. Do the mask without fail 1-2 times a week for a few weeks and you won’t believe how amazing your skin looks and feels.

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Alicia is a green beauty and wellness consultant. She started The Good Beauty Co as a way to show people how to nourish their beauty from the inside out and the outside in!

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