3 More Podcasts For Creative Entrepreneurs

I did a short round up of three podcasts perfect for the creative entrepreneur more than a year ago so I thought it was time to update the list! Podcasts are huge right now and it’s no wonder – there are SO many amazing ones to listen to. I’m rarely not listening to the likes of Mia Freedman, Tony Robbins or Oprah when I’m in and around the house and especially when I’m driving! I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to drive and not listen to a podcast. In our house, Travis and I both have Beats by Dre headphones (awesome investment btw) and it’s not uncommon for either of us to be tinkering about with our headphones on tuning in to our long list of fave podcasts.

Podcasts for creative entrepreneurs

If you’re looking for something new to listen in to, or needing some inspiration when it comes to the world of entrepreneurship and creativity – here are three podcasts to download today.


The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

[Photo sourced from Jenna Kutcher]

The queen of podcasts in this realm would have to be photographer, business coach and social media mentor Jenna Kutcher. If you’re not into listening to an awesome American chick give you deep insights into how she has made a truck load of fans (and money) by being authentically her, then this mightn’t be the podcast for you. I’m not really sure how I stumbled across Jenna Kutcher on social media but I’m so glad I did. She motivates me in so many ways and I’ve been inspired by her podcast and blog many times. This is the perfect podcast if you’re struggling with the way you’ve been running your business and potentially feel like you’ve lost yourself and your ‘why’.


Unleash The Entrepreneur with Erika Sheffer

[Photo sourced from Erika Sheffer]

I’m really new to this podcast but I’ve been following Erika Sheffer on socials for about a year. Erika is another American woman doing really great things in how to build a fabulous business ‘on your terms’. Erika runs the podcast predominantly but also features guest intervieweees. If you go back to the beginning when the podcast started (which is not too long ago, I think around August 2017) it’s really nice to hear how Erika started out and moved into becoming a business and marketing mentor. I am super inspired by this lady and her journey. Having followed along for the past year has been really cool to see the evolution of this business.


Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Podcasts for creative entrepreneurs

[Photo sourced from SuperSoul Sessions

When it comes to learning about mindset I think Oprah is my new go-to girl. This recommendation might seem a little left field but stay with me. I was a little young when Oprah was actually on television so I’ve been a later bloomer when it comes to appreciating her work. I decided to download her new podcast after spending fours days with Tony Robbins at UPW last month and I saw a conversation Tony and Oprah had and it really resonated with me. This podcast is not necessarily specific to business or entrepreneurs – it’s actually perfect for anyone. During some of the conversations I’ve listened to already I’ve found myself really agreeing with the content and having my own (as Oprah says) ‘ah-ha’ moments. If you’re looking for some great, meaningful conversation with some really interesting people, this is the podcast for you!

If you’re searching for even more to listen to after this post, you can read my original post here with three other fab podcasts for creatives! Your ears will thank you for it.

Ellie xx

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  1. maryjoaguilera1234
    28/10/2017 / 5:23 AM

    Thank you for sharing, I’m always looking for new podcasts, especially about being an entrepreneur! Starting goal diggers ASAP 🙂


    • 28/10/2017 / 9:11 AM

      So glad you enjoyed the post Jo! I think you’ll love the Goal Digger podcast! x

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