Every day grateful

Every Day Grateful: A Project Update

A month ago I posted about learning how to ‘slow down’ and adapt the art of slow living in an attempt to appreciate more of the small, everyday things that we often take for granted. I said I was going to be documenting the things throughout my days and weeks that I was feeling grateful for so I thought it…

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Winter Shopping Wish List

In the lead up to tax time (and after a few recent online shopping sprees) I have been trying to be more mindful of where I am spending my money. Living in a rural area means online shopping is my go-to which is both a good and bad thing! I find online shopping is so easy and accessible which I love…

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The Mez Club Byron Bay

My Travel Bucket List: Byron Bay, Australia

Despite yearning SO hard to get back overseas for an injection of #wanderlust, sometimes we can’t make it abroad and this year is that time. Travis and I bought our first home together about 10 months ago which set our overseas plans back a fraction while we do some work to our home and settle in to paying the mortgage…

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