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My Favourite Instagram Influencers: The Girlboss Edition

Boy am I a lover of instagram! This social media platform is probably the one I spend most of my time on for inspiration and motivation within my own business. I love nothing more than following gorgeous accounts and seeing businesses evolve and share their day-to-day through their grids. I also LOVE to see women in business building their empires via…

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Ultimate Guide to File Types

The Ultimate Guide To File Types

Have you ever saved a document on your computer and noticed ALL of those strange looking file types to choose from? You’re not alone if you’ve been thinking ‘what the heck is a TIFF or an EPS anyway’? I’m not afraid to admit it has taken me a few years working professionally as a designer to figure out what all of those file…

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My Travel Bucket List: Nashville USA

My Travel Bucket List: Nashville, USA

We all have some sort of travel plans or dream destinations we hope to visit and for me, traveling abroad is something I am forever thinking about and LOVE to do. I have been fortunate enough to have already travelled to some incredible destinations across the globe and each time I touch down in a new location the travel bug…

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